How many calories would you burn doing 100 jumping jacks

How many calories would you burn doing 100 jumping jacks

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Any form of exercises will burn calories. Its not so much what you do but the length of time and how long you do them. [ Source: ]
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How many calories can you burn doing 100 jumping jacks??
Buy a heart rate monitor and wear it while you do 100 jumping jacks. This would be different for everyone due to height/weight/gender differences.
How many calories can I burn doing jumping jacks?
How long do you think you can do intense non-stop jumping jacks for? You’ve gotta be realistic with yourself or your back and knees won’t be so forgiving with all that jumping… To give you an idea, if you could do them for 10 straight mi…
How many calories did I burn by doing 100 Jumping Jacks ??
Your caloric burning depends on many factors, not just weight. Your height too, and how often you do these exercises and the intensity. You might have burned 50-100 calories.

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How many calories would me doing jumping jacks burn?
Q: I’m a caucasian 16 year old girl, 5’8″ tall and weigh 120 lbs1. About how many calories would 1 jumping jack burn?2. How many calories would 100 jumping jacks burn?3. How many calories would 1000 jumping jacks burn?4. How many jumping jacks will i need to do to burn 3500 calories?Sorry for the repetitiveness of the questions, but i think i’d mess up the math if i did it myselfNo adds for diets or websites please
A: 1000 jumping jacks should burn somewhere close to 100 calories.Meaning you’d need a whole lot of jumping jacks to burn 3500.If you’re trying to lose a couple pounds quickly, don’t worry about consciously burning off exactly 3500 calories. Your body burns around 1,500 calories every day without even being active.
How Many Calories Does 100 Jumping Jacks Burn?
Q: I do these little excersises throughout the day but I’m never sure if I’m actually benefiting from it.How many calories (Approx) does each of the following seperate activities burn?100 Crunches100 Jumping JacksJogging up and down 200 stairs (I go up and down once which is twenty steps and I do that 10 ten)So, how many calories would those activies burn?Thanks!
A: go on google and find out urself. jk lol um idk not much. i think it depends on how long you do it.
About how many calories does 100 jumping jacks burn?
Q: I’m guess around 30 or so. Also , what excercise burn the most calories the quickest?
A: It depends how intense your workout is and how much you weigh as well. Here is the site that will help you figure out how many calories you burn doing several different exercises. It’s simple and accurate.

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