What is a good work out to burn that back fat love handles

What is a good work out to burn that back fat love handles

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The absolute best exercise to help with back fat is rowing. You can do it on a machine or in a boat. You just row and it works out [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-work-out-to-burn-that-back-fat-love-handles ]
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What works best for lower ab fat and love handles??
This doesn’t require dumbbells: The “Plank” is a simple move, achieved by having both of your forearms on the ground in a flat position, shoulder width apart. Body is stretched out, balls of feet on ground, Body is in raised posit…

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How much longer will it take to burn stomach fat and love handles?
Q: I’ve been doing cardio each day, for 1 hr a day. For a month and 5 days now. My height is 5’9 and I weigh 160. How much longer do you THINK, it will take, if I dedicate myself into doing cardio each day for 1hr and continuing my diet plan?? I”ve lost 18lbs, but my stomach fat and love handles go no where, so how much longer do you think it will take??
A: Wow! That is excellent progress for a month! I wish I could be like you :PI know that face fat is the first to go so body fat is later on. You can also try these tips to help increase weight loss.For a great diet, juice (and I mean juice with an actual juicer) up veggies and fruits into a nice natural drink. Drink 8 oz. in the morning, lunch, and so on. This can help you with the boost you might need and very healthy! It will also help speed up your metabolism., which helps you lose even more weight quicker!You can try jogging/running to burn the fat off. Did you know that running for one hour IN PLACE can burn off 745 calories? You can lose a pound in under 4 days if you do this for just an hour a day!To tone your body, do pushups, sit ups, weight lifting, and free weight rooms.Good luck.~ Farg
How do you burn lower belly fat and “Love Handles” fast without doing a lot of dieting?
Q: I do a lot of crunches and a lot of moving around but i just some how still have lower belly fat. Can you buy pills that burns fat?
A: In reply to the first post there was a treatment that was meant to cure baldness even in scared areas reported on the BBC about ten or so years ago. They are no doubt still running the advert in papers but the truth is the drug was never really any use. There are only two drugs that help grow hair or stop hair loss, in men primarily.Fat accumulates in certain areas for men and women, it hits them differently. For men it’s mainly in the gut, giving the beer belly. It doesn’t matter how many crunches you do, unless you lose weight you will not see any improvement.You seem to have little idea about what it takes to get a good body. You need to really look at what you eat, check the fat content and carbo content. Perhaps, as I do forget about rice and potatoes and use more veg. Eat 6-8 times a day instead of 3. Smaller meals equal to what you would eat over three meals and try to eat as much protein as possible. Chicken is a great source.You can not buy pills that burn fat, just because they show them on tv does not mean jack, would you trust your daughter to go to a school full of Pedophiles just because CNN reported that repeated convictions are unlikely?You want a lazy way out. Face it, the only way right now to get in shape is burning more calories than you take in. You first want to see a nutritionist, avoid fatty foods and so on. You really seem like the person who buys ten Big Macs with a diet coke in the hope that it does something.I really mean no offense but you need to do cardio work and diet is key. Possibly getting in shape is about 70% work out and don’t believe this crap about a pill can help. Guy want’s to profit from you or some other factor is involved.Would you really believe me if I told you holding my phone to my head for ten mins each day helped? No difference, no proof, no evidence, useless in every way though I suspect you will use the easy way and go with his pointless sale, it’s a sub domain I see. I also see after googling the domain that he is spamming many other sites.Please forget it and go with tried and proven methods. If you want to take drugs you might aswell go with amphetamines or cocaine..probably do more good for weight loss…also help you get into the nut house.
What kind of exercises burn belly fat and love handles?
Q: When I put jeans on, the fat looks like its spilling out of it, and I hate that.What kind of exercises help that, and what foods should I stay away from?
A: What your talking about is spot reducingThis cannot be done as fat is distrbuted around the body, and your belly and hips is the first place its put on, which means it will be the last place it leavesAlthough you can burn the fat by generally burning fat all over your body.First of all i recommed started to eat right, avoid high fat high sugar foods, such as chocolate, although you do not need to remove this totally from your diet. Eat often, rather than eating 3 meals a day try spreading them out over 5 meals. This will speed up your metabolism and also stop hunger.Drink alot of water as this helps your digestive system work better, meaning you can get rid of waste faster.Stick to healthy foods such as veggies and fruits, with meats i recommed having lean meat, or poultry, but without fat left on, and with the skin taken off.You want to cut your calories down causing weight loss to start.Secondly you need exercise. Firstly cardio. something to get your heart rate up, and that fat melting away. Jogging, swimming, Cycling, Brisk walking are all good choices, i recommed about 4 times a week of half an hour. This will make the fat go in no time. Finally get some muscle on there. Muscle is known to speed metabolism and eat away calories, so this will make everything much easier. I recommed weight training on your legs, this can be done with simple squats. as these muscle are very large and need alot of calories. Also to tone up your mid section, i recommed doing crunches, and bicyclie crunches, this will form muscle around that area making it appear flatter. Dont over do them though, 3 times a week is enough.Just eat healthy, exercise but above all be happy. And wait for you to look good in those jeans, that could even get a size smaller 😉

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