What is the best forearm exercise

What is the best forearm exercise

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The best exercises for the forearm include barbell wrist curls, dumbell wrist curls and reverse barbell curls. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-forearm-exercise ]
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What are the best forearm exercises?
I did a study to measure the relative intensity of many different forearm exercises. The top exercise for the forearm extensors was the seated reverse barbell wrist curl: Sit on a bench and hold a barbell with your forearms resting on your …
How to Make The Best Forearm Exerciser at Home
・ 1 First you want to cut a thick dowel to about 16 inches. This will be what you grip when you rotate… ・ 2 Next, drill a 1/4 inch hole directly in the middle of the dowel. Then insert the rope through the hole… ・ 3 Once you have the le…
Do you guys do forearm exercise? if so whens the best time to do …?
Just out of curiosity when you say you do cardio do you do it at the gym? if so are you going gym 5 days a week? The reason i ask is if you are, you may consider doing as follows [QUOTEmonday chest tris tuesday back bi wed cardio thursday…

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What is the best exercise to build muscle in the forearm?
Q: What exercises can you do to build muscle in the forearm reasonably quickly? is it best to use heavy weights and do less reps or lighter weights with more weight?
A: If you use lighter weights then you wont develop any new muscle. Keep in mind that muscles don’t want to grow larger and so you must force them by lifting heavier.For your forearms the best exercises are:Seated barbell reverse curl. To do this grab a barbell and sit down with you back straight up. With the barbell in your hands make sure to rest your forearms on your thighs and that your palms are facing the floor. While keeping your forearms in place, extend your wrists up with effectively lifts the barbell. Rinse and repeat.Seated barbell wrist curl: The same as above except the opposite direction. So your palms will be facing toward you.I use have used Vince Delmontes program (http://www.puremuscle.net ) for years and its where I have learnt about muscle development and also helped me gain real results.All the best on getting those forearms looking great.Regards,Jeff
What is the best forearm exercise?
A: Hand curls. You sit on a chair, put your forearm near the elbow atop your knee and curl the weight that way.Ta-da.Mr. M on “best.”
whats best forearm exercise besides hammer and reverse curl?
A: attach a rope to a dumbbell bar and put your free weight on the end of the rope that reaches the floor….slowly work the weight up toward the bar by turning it with your hands…when the weight has rolled to the top, slowly unroll it and then do it again…with heavy weights and persistence you can really get strength from this..baseball players sometimes do it to increase their batting strength

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