Who is the world’s strongest toddler

Who is the world’s strongest toddler

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The World’s Strongest Toddler will air June 10 at 6 pm and 9 pm Mountain Time on TLC, about 3-year-old Liam Hoekstra, a pint-size boy from Roosevelt Park who apparently has 40 percent more muscle mass than typical 3-year-olds. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-is-the-world%27s-strongest-toddler ]
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Is he the world’s strongest toddler?
A recent TV documentary profiled Liam Hoekstra, a toddler in Michigan whose parents had noted his unusual gifts of coordination and strength and therefore sought expert opinion on the child’s condition. In the video, Liam is seen climbing a…
Is anyone watching the show ‘World’s Strongest Toddler’ on TLC no…?
I watched this show and agree that this is not the norm for most toddlers, as I can attest from having a very strong 3 year old that I would be willing to test against Liam. He is also much more articulate, can throw a football just as well…
How did Liam Hoekstra become the worlds strongest toddler?
“World’s Strongest Toddler, Liam Hoekstra, on TLC: Hype or Hypertrophy?” World’s Strongest Toddler, Liam Hoekstra, on TLC: Hype or Hypertrophy? The World’s Strongest Toddler noted that should Liam Hoekstra become serious one day …

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