Why am i so sore today

Why am i so sore today

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Were you doing any strenuous activities that would make your body sore such as exercising, weight-training, running, yoga, etc.? Looking forward to your reply, ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-so-sore-today ]
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So, when we talked yesterday you said your nipples were sore. How…?
My nipples are still sore and it hurts when I put her on.
Why am i so sore from running today?
You must have pulled muscle in your leg. I do that as well. You should massage the leg gently, and rest it as much as you can. A warm bath helps as well, or a shower.

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what if i worked out only a little yesterday. but am slightly sore today is it cool if i workout today?
Q: i didnt feel like i got a complete workout yesterday. but am a little sore today. should i still workout today? i usually dont work out two days in a row. but i dont feel like it did it yesterday.when i say worked out i mean lifted weights. i lift quite often too.
A: Yeah It’s okay. Your body probably just wasn’t used to the exercise or maybe you didnt stretch right. the soreness fades after you get used to your exercise routine.
I did my first weight class yesterday and am quite sore today. should I do my cardio anyway?
Q: My thigh muscles are quite sore today. I was planning on starting interval training today should i stil do that or just walk for 30mins or so?
A: Doing some light cardio if you are sore can actually help to get the blood flowing and flush out some of the lactic acid, therefore relieving the pain. If you had been at this routine for awhile, I would so to go ahead and at least try your interval training, but since your weight routine is new, I would take it easy tomorrow. I think the walking or a light jog would be fine, but stay away from the interval training. Do a lot of stretching and even a gentle massage to help with the pain.
I did a weight lift in which I pushed myself. I am not sore today but I I have a 2k test will this hurt my sco
Q: I consider myself in very good condition as a rower taking gold in our last race. However, to reiterate my question. I did a weight lift yesterday focusing on legs, I am not sore today but I just learned we have a 2K test and I was wondering if this would hurt my score. Thanks.
A: Its possible but you will better off in the long run.

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