How can I lose weight at home with a home remedy

How can I lose weight at home with a home remedy

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Try going to your local health store or asking your physician. They can help you based on your needs and body type to find the right home remedy. Or just try cutting down on portions and walking in place. Good Luck! ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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What at home remedies can you use to lose weight?
You can drink alot of tea and water , water , water you should be drinking about 2 litres of water a day! , so youll find yourselve even saving money for not buying fattening sodas like cola. eat smaller portions . walk the stairs up and do…

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Can anyone suggest any at home remedies to lose weight?
Q: I have recently went through a break up and gained 20lbs. and I need suggestions to lose this weight quickly! I’ve been hitting the treadmill for 30mins 3 days a week.I need help!
A: A lot of the answers you will see here will tell you to buy some sort of supplement. Don’t take diet pills. They are unnatural and dangerous. It is not the lack of pills that get us heavy; that is not the fix we need. It was (most likely) improper diet and lifestyle that got you the extra weight. That is the fix we need.The best way to be healthy is through the principles of balance and moderation. You need to eat good food and eat enough of it.When trying to lose weight, shoot to lose 1-3 pounds per week. No more. Don’t go hungry, just keep yourself filled with good, natural foods.Don’t worry about calories. Caloric science is flawed for several reasons. 1) it assumes 100% absorption, but we all absorb and excrete different amounts; 2) It assumes all calories are processed the same, but calories from natural sources are burned more slowly and evenly than from refined sources; 3) It assumes that the amount of energy released by combustion (burning) in a lab is the same amount of energy released when the food is broken down enzymatically in the gut; 4) It assumes that the same exercise done by different people will burn the same amount of exercise, but different exercises will be harder or easier for different people; 5) Correlation does not prove causation. People who are heavier eat more calories: did the calories make them heavy, or did being heavy make them need more calories? Maybe they are both symptoms of a deeper problem. 6) people in China consume 25-40% more calories; even the sedentary office workers have more calories and less obesity than we.Asian cultures have long ago figured out how we should be eating, Ever since we have looked to science to tell us how to eat we have seen more obesity and diet-related disease. If we eat like the Asians, we will look like the Asians. This doesn’t mean you have to eat Asian food, just adhere to the principles that are common to the different cultures and cuisines.You should eat mostly vegetables, mostly cooked (cold and raw foods slow your metabolism because they need to be cooked in your stomach) and a wide variety, mostly fresh and in-season and local, simple grains (more rice, less bread), some fruit, a little meat, no dairy (it’s for infants and grows tissue), and no artificial foods.Avoid artificial foods, including sugar substitutes. Don’t worry about calories, fat, protein, carbs, nor any one component of food.There are several books that explain this strategy of eating. “The Asian Diet: simple secrets for eating right, losing weight, and being well” by Bussell explains the diet and its rationale. “The Asian Diet: get slim and stay slim the Asian way” by Tran has recipes that adhere to the principles. “The China Study” by Campbell has the science behind the recommendation.Get some exercise every day, but not too much and not always the same exercise. Start slow and work your way up. Calisthenics are great, as is Tai Chi. Walking and swimming are also great. All other exercises should be in a wide rotation.Follow the principles of balance and moderation and you’ll be fine. Most diets in America are not balanced nor moderate.Source(s):http://www.theasiandiet.com
What’s the fastest way to lose weight with home remedies or tricks?
Q: I’m having some kind of hormonal inbalance that has affected me in such way that I haven’t gotten my period for over a year now. I’ve also gained so much weight I feel like another person. Doea nybody know some home remedies that would help me lose weight even water weight fast??? Please HELP!!!
A: Usually i would saytake in less, burn off more.Its natural, healthy and has great side effects.but this sounds as though you may want to talk it over with your GP, there may be some medical problem.Also please remember that although these websites are entertaining and sometimes informative, its not really the place to seek medical advice, do yourself a favour and speak to a propper medical practitioner.
What is the best natural remedy to lose weight, like a home remedy or any plant?
Q: need to lose asap
A: The best thing is to eat good food, like healthy food you know + exercise + drink a lot of water… try the commercialized kind of stuff like getting an operation, herbal stuff if you have the money…coz maintenance will go a loooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg way than you expect…by the way im not fat 🙂

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