How do i get more muscle

How do i get more muscle

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Strength training is the best way to build muscle. It also increases your metabolism and strengthens your bones. Get lifting! [ Source: ]
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It is simple workout and do push-ups sit-ups going to the gym and eating right can make your muscle healthier and bigger
Check out the before and after pictures on There are two essential things you need to do to get muscles. The first is to do weight training. You will need to do several different kinds of arm exercises to get your muscles t…
One thing I love about bodybuilding as a hardgainer is that it teaches you so much about how to achieve real success. As hardgainers we have to work really hard and fight for every single ounce of muscle we gain. We’re not genetically gif…

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How do I build muscle strength?
Q: I am 15 years old, 5’11”, 180 pounds. Playing varsity football in the upcoming season has made me build up muscle. I feel comfortable benching 200 pounds last year as a freshman, but I still feel bony and weak shoulders. Any suggestions?
A: Focus on compound lifts. Since you’re training for sport really emphasize on things like squats, deadlifts, military, and bench(kinda).Some heavy military presses, either barbell or dumbbell will do wonders to your bench. Also, try some heavy side raises, they’ve given me pretty good results.
How can I get rid of muscle pain on my neck and back?
A: Heat helps so much. I use microwavable heat packs.Showers or baths are so helpful, adding epsom salts to your bath is great for relaxation and extra magnesium.If your lower back hurts a support bandage is good.Stay hydrated!! Drinking tea helpsPainkillersA massage either get it done professionally or from friends and familyRest.Light exercise.Some people find meditation or yoga helpful.Sleeping supported (use only one pillow where possible.)
how can i get optimum nutrition supplements in Saudi Arabia?
Q: i need pro complex, and what could i use for muscle fatigue the only 1 we have here is for muscle tech and it costs 140$
A: Saudi Arabia * AmCan International Group, Inc.* * +1 (416) 607 5316 * [email protected] * * DistributorThis is the only you can get optimum nutrition supplements in Saudi Arabia. If they didn’t sell what you want, ask if they can make a special order for you. If not then just buy it at ebay and ask the seller to send to you.

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